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Pastor as Person is a website devoted to the support and encouragement of pastors.  

Pastors are often called upon during all possible hours of the day and night.  Pastors are counselors, life coaches, advisors, willing ears, and everymen.  Everyone needs a pastor to talk to and confide in, but sometimes a pastor might also need a human support, sounding board, and place to turn.

We hope to use this site for just those purposes.  We are here to provide a condemnation free zone for pastors everywhere.  





Devoted to the support and encouragement of pastors


About Pastor As Person

Rev. Bob Hager

Rev. Bob Hager

I asked myself the question, what makes me qualified to manage the site, Pastor as Person?  I have never pastored a large church, never authored a book, let alone a bestseller; I have produced two documentary films, but not exactly money makers.

On the other side of the equation, God has given me a real passion to help pastors face today's challenges.  My role in Pastor as Person would not be to spout great wisdom, but rather to become a conduit for the collective wisdom of other pastors and leaders and to make it available through the website.  Third, my position as a retired pastor allows me the time to devote to such an undertaking

Thirty years of pastoral ministry has taught me the greatest resource pastors bring to their work is not their intellect, their communication skills or even their good looks, but a spiritual, emotional, physical and relational vitality.  As the Apostle Paul demonstrates in his epistles, the imperative is always based on the indicative. 

Pastor As Person is an unfunded ministry.  Please consider helping us serve with any donation you feel led to make. 

Pastor As Person is an unfunded ministry.  Please consider helping us serve with any donation you feel led to make. 

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Black Marks on  White Paper



 Black Marks on White Paper is the inspirational story of United Methodist Bishop, Bennie D. Warner. Watch the trailer below.  It is available for download or streaming through Video on demand,    More info here. 

Black Marks Trailer



At the Crossroads

A short award winning documentary, which examines how 50  years of cultural change has impacted pastoral ministry.